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Create your NID Card, the National Identity Card in Bangladesh


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NID Card Maker is an app that can help you create a Bengali National Identity Card or NID Card, which is a document that all adult citizens in Bangladesh must have.

Using NID Card Maker is really easy: you’ll find a template that shows you what your NID card will look like when finished. You’ll then see a section where you can include your personal information: name in Bengali, name in English, your father’s and mother’s name, your date of birth and identity number, your address and blood type. You’ll also have to upload a picture and sign in a specific section. Once you’ve filled out your information, click on accept to obtain your NID card. Your National Identity Card enrolls you in the identification system in Bangladesh.

NID Card Maker is a great tool to create your National Identity Card in Bangladesh. In addition to being very easy to use and quick to do, you can download the document in order to print it, laminate it and carry it with you.

If you need a NID card, then NID Card Maker is the app for you.